Great technology should improve life, not distract from it.

We’re dedicated to building technology that is truly helpful for everyone. We’re creating tools and features that help people better understand their tech usage, focus on what matters most, disconnect when needed, and create healthy habits for the whole family.

We’re committed to giving everyone the tools they need to develop their own sense of digital wellbeing. So that life, not the technology in it, stays front and center.

Helping you understand your habits

The first step toward digital wellbeing is often understanding more about how you interact with technology in the first place. We’re introducing new ways to keep you more informed and proactive.

  • Learn more about your time spent in apps.

    The Dashboard gives you a complete picture of how you use your phone. Get a daily view of the time spent on your phone, how frequently you use different apps, and how many notifications you get.

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  • Remind yourself to take a break.

    Schedule custom breathers as often as you want, pausing what you’re currently watching and encouraging you to step away.

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  • See how much you watch.

    Your time watched profile gives you a closer look at how much time you spend on YouTube, as well as comparisons to previous time periods.

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Helping you focus on what matters to you

In addition to helping you find answers quicker and get places sooner, we’re also building tools that help you avoid daily distractions and look at your devices less.

Hey Google, it’s bedtime

Ok, turning off lights and your alarm is set for tomorrow

  • Just speak to send messages.

    Now even when your hands are full you can make phone calls and send texts just by talking to the Assistant.

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  • Use your voice to control media.

    Play all your TV shows, queue up your favorite music, and more just by asking the Assistant.

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  • Automate your smart home.

    Control devices like the Nest Thermostat to set the temperature or the alarm, all with your voice.

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  • Make Google do it.

    Do more without reaching for your device. Your voice can activate Custom Routines, automating everything from your TV to your alarm clock all at once.

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  • Focus on the important stuff.

    Turn on high-priority notifications to limit the number of email alerts you receive and get notified only when it’s important.

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  • Streamline your inbox.

    Priority Inbox hides all your nonessential communications so that your inbox is only unread, starred, and important messages.

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  • Combine all your notifications.

    Now you can get all of your YouTube push notifications bundled into a single notification each day – and choose when you get it.

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  • Clear the clutter.

    Get automatic suggestions of photos to archive (like receipts or screenshots), so your main photo library stays full of your best shots.

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  • Spend less time editing.

    Google Photos can automatically stylize your photos and create themed movies made just for you.

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  • Get alerts only when you want them.

    Like hitting snooze on your alerts, now you can temporarily hide specific notifications for as long as you like.

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  • Personalize your updates.

    With notification categories you have more control over the alerts you see, what they look like, and how often you see them.

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  • Manage your time spent in apps.

    App Timers let you set limits for how much you use your apps. When you’ve reached that limit, the app icon is grayed out for the rest of the day.

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Ok Google, navigate home

All right, home. Let’s go

  • Minimize distractions while driving.

    Android Auto is your driving companion, so you can keep your eyes on the road while controlling navigation, media, and more with the Google Assistant.

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Helping you switch off

In today’s always-on world, disconnecting can be hard. Across a range of products, we’re creating more opportunities for you to hit pause, so you can strike the right balance.

  • Quiet your notifications.

    Now notifications sent between 10pm and 8am will be received without sound or vibration, and you can customize your own quiet hours.

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  • Choose how you watch.

    Autoplay control lets you decide whether you want the next video to start playing automatically.

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  • Just ask for quiet time.

    Now with voice-powered Do Not Disturb mode, you can tell your phone to silence all notifications and communications.

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  • Make falling asleep easier.

    Now your voice can activate the Bedtime Routine – set an alarm, dim the lights, lower your music, get tomorrow’s weather, and Zzzz.

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  • Disconnect at night.

    Wind Down gets your phone ready for bed by letting you schedule changes to the display. Activating Night Light reduces blue light and Grayscale gets rid of all color, reminding you to switch off for the night.

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  • Quiet your phone with a simple gesture.

    Easily turn on Do Not Disturb by flipping your phone face down.

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  • Recharge while you recharge.

    With the Pixel Stand wireless charger, your phone is automatically placed in Do Not Disturb mode while it charges.

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Helping families find the right balance

Kids today are growing up with technology, not growing into it like previous generations. We’re working with families to ensure kids can safely enjoy the best of tech, while forming balanced relationships with all things digital.

As your child begins using their first Android device, the Family Link app helps you set certain digital ground rules for them.

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Be Internet Awesome helps kids become smart, confident explorers of the Internet through a game for kids, info for parents, and custom curriculum for teachers.

  • Get kids excited with a game.

    Kids can explore Interland, an online adventure that teaches them key lessons of digital safety and citizenship.

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  • Stay involved in your kids’ digital lives.

    Parents can tap into resources from the Family Online Safety Institute and ConnectSafely, and sign the Be Internet Awesome pledge along with their kids.

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  • Teach students about online safety.

    Educators can download lesson plans and classroom activities that have received the ISTE Seal of Alignment to help their students learn about digital safety.

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YouTube Kids makes it safer and simpler for kids to explore the world through online video, and easier for parents to guide them.

  • Customize your kids’ experience.

    Access a suite of parental controls and find the right balance for your family. Decide whether or not your kids can use YouTube Kids search, keep tabs on the videos they’re watching, and even block videos or channels you don’t want them to see.

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  • Set appropriate time limits for your family.

    Set a timer to control how long your kids are able to play with the app.

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  • Create moments of zen at home.

    With Downtime, you can easily schedule breaks from one or all of your Google Home devices.

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  • Giving you control.

    Filters let you control your Assistant experiences — music, videos, calls, actions, and answers — for each of your Google Home devices.

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  • Schedule Internet breaks for your kids.

    Decide when your kids have access to the Internet by pausing connectivity on one or all of their devices simultaneously, or help them wind down by scheduling a time out.

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  • Block inappropriate content.

    Tap into Google’s SafeSearch technology to automatically block content from the devices your kids use.

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